Anhui customer ordered single-layer MPP power pipe machine production line on Apr.1th, 2024 year, pipe diameter 75-250mm.


The comrise high quality MPP power pipe machine has a 75/38 high-efficiency single-screw extruder, a 160kw motor, an 800G drying feeder, a machine head die, a core die, a sizing sleeve, one 9-meter vacuum water tank, and two 9-meter spray water tanks. It consists of a four-track tractor, a chipless planet cutting machine, a turning table and a temperature control system. Comrise guarantee 160mm output no less than 530kg/h.

The 75/38 high-efficiency single-screw extruder screw and barrel material is 38CrMoAlA, the surface is nitrided and polished, 5 control areas, 1 temperature measurement area, mica heating ring, and reduction gearbox Haiwei brand. The electrical components use Schneider inverters and Siemens electrical components.

Composite machine head with replaceable mandrel to make different water pressure grades.

The vacuum setting water tank adopts two stages of vacuum setting. Its main function is to calibrate and cool the pipe. A filter system and a bypass circulation path are installed on the water circulation path. It also has automatic monitoring of water level and water temperature. The sizing plate is installed on Vacuum setting table

------Vacuum pump 4KW+5.5KW, one each

------Water pump 4KW+5.5KW, one each

Using a four-track clamping tractor, the pulled-out pipe has a rounder shape, preventing deformation and making the pipe smoother and more beautiful.

A rotary hydraulic planetary cutter is used, equipped with an incremental encoder and measuring wheel to accurately record length cuts.

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