PP Hollow Grid Sheet Machine
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PP Hollow Grid Sheet Machine

Comrise Machinery specializes in the manufacturing of PP hollow grid sheet machines. We offer a complete range of solutions for producing high-quality PP hollow grid sheets that are suitable for various applications, including packaging, advertising, construction, and more.

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Product Description

China best price PP hollow grid sheet machine is designed with advanced technology that ensures high productivity and efficiency while minimizing operational costs. Comrise machinery also provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to our clients, ensuring they can operate our machines with ease and minimal downtime.

China manufacture comrise PP hollow grid sheet machine is highly customizable, depending on the unique needs of our clients. We take great pride in our ability to provide high-quality products and services, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients.

If you're searching for a reliable and efficient PP hollow grid sheet machine manufacturer, look no further than Comrise Machinery.

Comrise high quality PP hollow grid sheet machine are specialized machines that use a screw extruder to melt and process polypropylene into twin-wall corrugated sheets. The extruder melts the polypropylene pellets and feeds them to a die head, which shapes the material into a corrugated pattern. The sheets are then cooled using a cooling system, which prepares them for cutting to size. The extruder is operated through a control panel, which allows for precise temperature and speed control to achieve the desired output. The production capacity of PP hollow grid sheet extruders varies depending on the size and complexity of the machine, with some machines capable of producing large volumes of sheets in a short time.

China supplier PP hollow grid sheet machine main parameter

Extruder model



Product width



Product thickness



Main motor power






Comrise wholesale PP hollow grid sheet machine production line lists:






Stainless steel screw feed feeder


Machineproduce as to customer sample, specifications and patterns.


SJ series single screw extruder



T-diehollowsheet mold



First five rolls haul-off unit



Annealling oven



Cooling bracket



Second haul-off unit



Cross cutter and transmission machine



Electrical appliances


Comrise newest design PP hollow grid sheet machine each part specifications:

1. SJ Series single screw extruder with SIEMENS PLC control system

1)sheet width : according to sample

2)raw material: pp granules &crushing mixture.


4)factory site demand: 25m*3.1m*2.8m

5) extruder motor:132kw

6) electric brands: OMRON, ABB, SHNEIDER,SIEMENS, DELTA etc.

Siemens Plc System 

Abb Inverter Siemens Contactor 

Servo Motor&Remote Control(Save Electricity) 

2. T- die head mold & Screen net changer

screen net changer

Type: dual station plate type

Heating Stainless steel heating cartridge, no leakage happen during screen changing

Temp. gauge K-type thermal coupling

Pressure gauge Chengdu Xianda sensor is equipped before screen changer

Hydraulic drive is adopted. The hydraulic system is equipped.


High quality alloy 5CrNiMo forging die bodies

materials,Chromium plating cavity, surface polishing to Ra0.02um,chromed layer thickness 0.03-0.05mm hardness HRC60-65

Using stainless steel heating robs, fully integrated wiring, socket.

T-die type Clothes hanger type

product width L=1250m

Mould width 1400mm

product thickness δ=4-8mm

or make as to customer detail requirements.

3. Calibration sizing table

Width 1500mm

3 sets vacuum system 3×5.5Kw

one pair in front and one pair at back

Calibration plate 45# steel

central height can be adjusted a little

hydraulic lifting and falling

Longitudinal moving unit is equipped

4. Halling off machine

1)Form three rollers separate separately.Use the horizontal oil roller temperature.

l Heat conductivity medium and cooling medium

2)Heat conductivity medium and cooling medium The thermal conductivity medium is the heat conductivity oil, and the cooling medium is the soft water.

3)Temperature control accuracy

Temperature control accuracy, ± 1℃.

4) Heating unit

Heating unit Stainless steel electric heating rod 15KW* 3 groups.

5) Cooling oil pumps

5. Annealing oven

Length 5m

Inner width of annealling oven 1500mm

Center distance between upand down heating bar 200mm

6.side & cross cutting machinelongitudinal move cylinder drive

7.length of transmission unit 5m

8.motor power 0.75kw

9.PO belt for transmission

7 . Dry Mixer---1 ton

China custom made PP hollow grid sheet machine application:

PP hollow grid sheet machines are used to produce polypropylene hollow grid sheets that are widely used in packaging, construction, advertising, agriculture, and other industries. The sheets are lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures. They are used for applications such as roof insulation, greenhouse coverings, protective packaging, signage, and floor protection. The machine consists of various components such as an extruder, mold,corrugator, cooling system, and cutting machine, which work together to produce high-quality sheets in large volumes.

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