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Spiral Duct Manufacturing Machine

As a professional provider of larger diameter spiral duct manufacturing machines, COMRISE is committed to providing our customers with the best quality machinery possible. Whether it's underground sewage construction or building usage, our machines are tailor-made for every customer's unique needs. At COMRISE, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality products and services, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal with every machine we make.

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Product Description

HDPE hollow wall spiral duct manufacturing machine has been successfully used as a drainage pipe to replace cement pipes and cast iron pipes, and has broad market prospects. Comrise machinery is the professional manufacturer of large-diameter hollow wall winding pipe production lines. It has strong technical advantages and rich experience in implementation of production and installation. The spiral duct manufacturing machine

has advanced design, high-end configuration, reliable operation and long service life. The output of the same model is much higher than the level of the same industry. In particular, comrise has rich experience in ultra-large diameter models and can meet the needs of large-scale high-end customers at home and abroad. The performance indicators of the production line have reached the international leading level.

spiral duct manufacturing machine technical parameter:


Pipe Dia.(mm)

Extruder model

Production speed m/h

Max.out put kg/h

Total power kw

Overall dimension mm




































China comrise large diameter spiral winding pipe machine categories:

HDPE Spiral winding sewage pipe extrusion line can produce large diameter winding pipe (diameter from 200mm-4000mm) has high ring stiffness and high brunt intensity with "H" structure. It can be used for approximate 50 years and has many advantages such as low cost assembly and easy operation, with standing pressure, corrosion resistant such as acid, alkali and salt etc. It is becoming as a replacement of cement pipe and cast iron pipe nowadays. It is being widely used as sewage and drainage pipe.

HDPE Rib Reinforced Corrugated type Spiral Pipe production line is a kind of new generation high performance. plastic spiral pipe line for large diameter buried drain pipe according to hollow wall winding pipe production technology with the intellectual property. It can produce pipe size from Ø200~Ø4000mm which is widely used in fields of civil water drain, wastewater drain.

Steel reinforced hdpe spiral winding pipe machine can prodcue steel-wire frame polyethylene composite pipe which is reinforced through twisting steel-wire of high intensity into helix, made out of polyethylene of high intensity. The steel-wire frame is closely connected with the outer and inner polyethylene of high intensity adhesive resin layer which is a sort of great binding materials belonging to modified material of PE. It can be melt fully as one with PE in the heating conditions, while its polar bond has a strong adhesive property with the steel. Because of the adhesive resin, the pipe is more excellent in composition.

Solid wall winding pipe machine for large diameter used for well pipe, pull pipe, underground drainage etc. Machine can customized as per customer detail requirements.

Large Diameter HDPE/PP Hot Winding Structured Wall Krah Pipe Extruding Machine Line. Pipe Diameters: DN200 to DN4000, Ring Sriffness: from SN2 to SN16. Krah Pipe Wall Structure: PR OP SQ SP VW ST.

Double plastic composite winding pipe machine can produce FRPE double-plastic composite structural wall pipe is a flexible pipe with good extensibility, so it is suitable for construction and foundation settlement under poor ground conditions, especially in coastal areas, the foundation is poor and the settlement is serious. This type of pipe can greatly adapt to uneven settlement. Light weight, easy to install: reduce labor intensity and shorten the construction period.

Double high-reinforced polyethylene (HDPE) winding pipe production line

1. PE large-diameter winding karat pipe production line High-density polyethylene structural wall hot-wound pipe is a new type of special-shaped structural wall pipe, which is made by high-density polyethylene hot-winding molding process.

2. The product is made of high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE) as raw material, PP or PE corrugated pipe as auxiliary support pipe, and high-density polyethylene large-diameter winding reinforced pipe produced by hot winding molding process.

3. Because this kind of pipe was originally introduced by a domestic company from the German Carat Company, this kind of pipe is commonly known as the Carat pipe in China.

4. The official name of this kind of pipe in China is: high-density polyethylene structural wall thermal winding pipe, and the national standard is GB/T 19472. 2-2004 B-type structural wall pipe.

5. This product is an environmentally friendly and safe product with the advantages of light weight, strong pressure-bearing capacity, high interface quality, long life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness, and convenient construction. It is widely used in urban water supply, drainage, and long-distance water supply. Water transmission and farmland irrigation and other projects.

6. The diameter ranges from DN200 to DN4000. The pipe is light in weight and has good overall flexibility. It is currently the main pipe of choice for buried sewage and drainage.

spiral duct manufacturing machine characteristics:

1. The high quality pe hollow wall winding pipe machine adopts a high-efficiency single-screw extruder to ensure efficient and high-quality extrusion.

2. pe hollow wall winding pipe machine made in China adopts a composite machine head, spiral rotation molding, exquisite mechanism and unique design to ensure high product quality.

3. Comrise supply pe hollow wall winding pipe machine which is easy to operate, stable and reliable

4. The pe hollow wall winding pipe can be used in plastic inspection wells and septic tanks, making construction convenient and safe.

5. pe hollow wall winding pipe machine in stock can produce anti-static gas extraction and exhaust pipes for mines

6. Special pipe fittings are used for convenient connection and economical construction.

Why is the application for HDPE spiral winding corrugated pipe extrusion machine?

Application: Municipal works, water supply, water drainage; Telecom project; Industrial projects:

Urban underground drainage and sewage pipes.

Drainage and sewage pipes in factories and sewage treatment plants

Venting system pipes

Piping system for laying of electric/optical cable sheath

Seawater and rain water transportation pipes

Water gathering system and soakaway system

Agricultural irrigation pipes

Manufacturing of chemical process containers

Product application scenarios

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